Kashmiri apple industry

The production of apple in state the world. And its hundreds of thousands of people out on streets day and night. Sincethe Government of Jammu and Kashmir state has been paying adequate attention towards the establishment of agro-based, forest-based and mineral-based industries.

Allied to the carpenter are the axemen and sawyers.

Kashmiri apple; an industry which faces destruction due to ignorance

The average size of Namda is 1 m x 1. The rice husk and rice bran are used for the extraction of fatty oil which finds application in soap-making industry. Apple is not only imported from China it is also imported from other countries like Australia and New Zealand which are members of this free trade pact.

Finally, Harshna Naturals managed to tie up with big names of the industry like Reliance Fresh who directly bought the produce eliminating the middle-men. The Hanz or Hanji, as the boatmen are called, are the boat-dwellers in the various water odies.


Apple ; it increases to Yielding starts from the eighth year and goes up to 30 years and sometimes even to 40 years depending upon the agro-climatic condition.

They patronized this industry in the Valley Kashmiri apple industry Kashmir. But production has declined. In overall production Baramullah is the leading producer of apple in Kashmir and in Shopian comes in second place in production.

What can we do now because an apple tree takes 10 to 15 years to give fruit. Though carpets are made in almost all the towns of the valley, their major factories are in and around the City of Srinagar. Be persistent — There will be 99 people who will create obstacles in your journey.

Apple cultivation in is the largest apple producing state in India. Their also some lower areas in the valley which are not considered best for the production, such as soils Locally called demb is not considered fit for the production. In the month of October-November, pits of size 1x1x1 m.

Agriculture in Jammu and Kashmir State, despite favourable geo-climatic conditions is not developing at the desired level.

Consequently, their health, efficiency, literacy and education are adversely affected. On the valleys usually the hexagonal or the square system of planting is carried out whereas in the slopes a contour method is followed. An entrepreneurial journey is about finding that one person.

We need people who can empower our kids to work in a way so that tomorrow, when we die, they can proudly say, we were taught to thrive. In the beginning, the total area covered under apple trees were hectares.

The breathtaking and the stunning beauty of the valley of Kashmir and its temperate fruits like apples has been complimented by people from different areas including writers and travelers belonging to different ages and nationalities.

In the Kashmiri language, Kashmir itself is known as Kasheer. History Hinduism and Buddhism in Kashmir The chief trees are deodar, firs and pines, chenar or plane, maple, birch and walnut, apple, cherry.

Historically, Kashmir became known worldwide when Cashmere wool was exported to other regions and nations Located In: India. 7 Important Industries of Jammu and Kashmir. Article shared by: ADVERTISEMENTS: Some of the most important industries of Jammu and Kashmir are: 1.

The shrine of Naqshbandi and that of the tourists reception centre are some of the excellent examples of Kashmiri woodwork. The boat industry of Kashmir is also of great importance. The. There are mainly seven types of Kashmiri Apple grown on a commercial scale in Kashmir.

Ambri Kashmir Ambri is the most popular and considered to be the indigenous production of apple in India grown in Himalayan hills. It is widely famous for its crispiness, aroma, flavor and attractiveness. Generally this kind of Apple is fully ripe in month of.

Posts Tagged ‘Apple Industry’ Kashmir = Terrorism / Kashmiri = Terrorist. Two words from a dictionary, Terrorism and Terrorists is the metamorphosis of a Nation – Kashmir and a living and bleeding people – the Kashmiris, for the Government, the People and the Media of India.

Posts Tagged ‘Apple Industry’ Kashmir = Terrorism / Kashmiri = Terrorist.

RCEP and its Impact on Kashmiri Apple farmers

Two words from a dictionary, Terrorism and Terrorists is the metamorphosis of a Nation – Kashmir and a living and bleeding people – the Kashmiris, for. The apple industry in India is concentrated in the western Himaliyas, but the entire country is consumer of Apple.

It, therefore, gives a virtual monopoly to these areas to supply apples to marketing of the Kashmir apple is a complex process. It .

Kashmiri apple industry
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